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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  December 18, 2010 1:35am-2:10am PST

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you're watching cbs5 eyewitness news. the bay area bracing for a series of storms. how much rain is expected to fall. "this broadcast realtime captioned by becky lyon." here in the south bay, a plan for an inflatable dam in the case of severe flooding. >> the toxicologist i have been talking to gave me a list of problems that can come from chromium exposure. >> the water problems are back and so is the woman played by julia roberts. two friends in a boxing ring.
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who came out on top. >> i'm juliette goodrich in for dana king. >> i'm ken bastida. the bay area getting pounded. joe vazquez is in san jose with how the santa clara water district has to block sheets of water from flowing onto local streets. we begin with our meteorologist brian hackney who is watching the storms. >> we are dry out there right now i noticed. a wind advisory across the coast. the south winds could gust as high as 50 miles per hour especially at the higher elevations in the oakland hills. sfo has already picked up gusts to about 29 miles per hour. the rains we will in the bay area that moved in dead on cue during the evening commute now have mostly scattered and pushed east but there is more offshore as you can see in the north bay there is mostly just light rain if any rain at all but that's not the end of the story. south bay. more rain moving in down around the peninsula. it will push in over the east bay tonight and that is the
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theme for the weekend. the theme is on again, off again rain setting the stage for what could be a very powerful punch by tuesday. the rain turns to snow where anyhave winter storm warnings posted in sierra nevada. small craft advisories inside and outside the gate. we will tell you what to expect when we do weather next. julia? >> brian, so much. in the east bay residents and city crews spent the day getting prepared for the next incoming storm. today the focus was on cleaning up as many drains and gutters as possible to keep flooding to a minimum. workers also trimmed trees so they wouldn't get tangled with pg &e lines. pg&e says 30% of its power outages are caused by trees. north bay flooding is a very real threat that happens year after year. today residents loaded up sand bags to keep their homes dry during this latest round of storms much businesses are shored up.
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this is nothing new to residents here. in 2005 floods damaged almost every building on this avenue including the fire station, town hall, police station and a bridge still not open to the public. >> well, flooding becomes an issue in the south bay. the santa clara valley water district says it will bring out its secret weapon. joe vazquez joins us now from san jose to show us what it is and how it could save homes and businesses. joe? >> ken, we are at santana row. a bustling crowd tonight despite the fact the rain has been on and off. winds starting. the water district says it will employ an inflatable dam. are we ready for the worst of the worst? in san jose they are prepared with what looks like a big blue
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bladder. >> they are inflatable. >> reporter: the santa clara water district has three bladder dams each about 85 feet long. in the case of a 100-year flood the worst-case scenario. they will be rolled out of storage and inflated each with 20,000-gallons of water from specially placed hydrants. >> this wall here is a masonry wall. >> reporter: there are already flood walls up except across certain street intersections. the temporary dams will be brought in to extend across the intersections and usher the water safely away. >> it sends the water to the guadalupe river and the gaudalupe river has already been built to handle the 100- year flood. >> we are expecting a big store. >> reporter: the reservoirs are not full yet. >> but with the intensity of the storms we have been getting the last few years, prolonged rain storms could provide quite a bit of water. >> if so you will be ready?
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>> we will be ready. >> we are back live. nobody is predicting serious floods down here although with the amount of water we are getting the fact is sometimes serious floods are unpredictable. bottom line, ken, the water district says the main thing they are worried about, they are asking folks to check the storm drains and check your own gutters to make sure they are clear because that's where most of the problems happen. >> we should remind folks we will have cries on all weekend long in case the weather does get nasty and they can check in at cbs5 for the latest. joe vazquez, thank you. bay area headlines. a former b.a.r.t police officer fired in the wake of the oscar grant shooting will get her job back. an arbitrator today overturned b.a.r.t's firing of a female officer. she was one of the officers that helped detain grant before he was shot and killed. b.a.r.t fired her accusing her of lying to investigators about the shooting. but today the arbitrators at
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the hearing found no evidence that she lied. in san jose police are investigating a series of robberies at pot clubs. they say burglars hit four dispensaries and one marijuana grower this week. in one case a masked intruder knocked the dispenser owner out of his wheelchair then robbed the business. so far no one has been seriously hurt. police are investigating the possibility that the crimes are connected. and a federal appeals court is upholding a decision that strikes down a ban on military recruitment of miners. the cities passed the use protection act two years ago. the government sued saying the cities can't regulate the activities of federal authorities. friday night is fight night for two former office workers in berkeley. now, these guys used to be couch potatoes but they quit their jobs, hit the gym and about an hour ago they stepped into the ring to beat each
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other up. the white collar brawl. how did this end up, grace. >> reporter: they did it with love. they fought with love in their hearts. this is where it all happened. right here inside the ring. these are two best friends. but once they stepped inside of here, it was hard to tell. [ cheers and applause >> reporter: the closer it got to the white collar brawlers smack down the rowdier the crowd became. in one corner we had nate the moose and in the other ky. >> i'm going to win. everyone knows that. it is how i'm going to win is the question. i can't tell you yet. it is a secret but it is going to be in the second round. he is tall, he is skinny. i think one article described him as pixie-ish. i don't know what that is but it describes him well. i'm going to hold my ground and i think i can do well. >> reporter: it came down to this. they had months of intense
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training. more than a dozen webisodes and a huge following. claiming a victory that would last a lifetime. in the end the judges chose nate as the winner of the white collar brawl but these two vowed to go toe-to-toe as best friends win or lose. >> it is good to try something you never thought you would do. >> can you believe you are here tonight? >> totally surreal and will continue to be surreal for the rest of the night i'm sure. >> reporter: that was really the point of doing this whole thing is that anyone can try something new. as for nate and for ky, they say they will continue to box. they probably won't do any webisodes on it but they will try something new and cool much that's a quote from them. and you'll probably see it online. ken? >> so neither of these guys is headed for mma or anything like that in the near future. >> actually the winner nate could go on to do some amateur boxing for the golden glove.
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they are going to do some more training. stay tuned. >> we will be there to cover it. grace lee in berkeley. thank you, grace. well, it is not just poor air quality and noise that may make living near a highway undesirable. why where you live may be putting your kids' health at risk for an incurable disease. and erin brockovich is back. how the people of hinkley are fighting to keep history from repeating itself. and it is perhaps the repeating itself. and it is perhaps the biggest collection [ male announcer ] this is the way most people choose a toothbrush. with so many to choose from, it's hard to see the difference. but this is the way most dentists choose a toothbrush. fact is, more dentists brush with an oral-b toothbrush than any other brush. ♪ if you could see what your dentist sees, you'd reach for an oral-b toothbrush, too. ♪ trust the brush more dentists
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call or click today. living near a highway at birth appears to increase a child's risk of autism. that's according to a study conducted by children's hospital los angeles. researchers looked at about 500 children in the l.a. san francisco and sacramento areas. about 300 have autism and the rest don't. kids who live within 1000 feet of a freeway when they were born were twice as likely to have autism but kids who were living near a busy treat at birth did not seem to experience an increased risk. >> well, more than a decade ago residents in a small california town got sick from drinking the water. they believed of it contaminated by a toxic chemical. now they say that problem is back and so is the famous consumer advocate who fought
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pg&e and won. >> reporter: hinkley, california. population about 1900 people. you remember hinkley. the little farming community made famous in the 2000 julia roberts film erin brockovich. >> the toxicologist gave me a list of problems that can come from chromium 6 exposure. everything you all have is on that list. >> reporter: it happened more than a decade ago. the real erin brockovich came here and won a $333 million settlement against pg&e for groundwater contamination on baffle of dozens of hinkley residents. now erin brockovich is back. >> what did you think when you were here 10 years, 20 years ago? >> 20 years ago. don't tell me that. that you would be back here again dealing with this? >> no, no, it is groundhog day. >> reporter: erin is back in hinkley because the environmental nightmare that original natly brought her here is also back. >> i shamefully say that i
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thought the plume was being managed and controlled and there was superior oversight by agencies and it doesn't appear that that happened. >> reporter: the plume is an underground sea of toxic chromium 6 used in the 1950s and 60s at this pg&e natural gas compression plant to prevent rust. it leaked from containment ponds and began showing up in the groundwater of private wells of the hinkley residents many of whom attended a special meeting at the elementary school. >> i think that i personally was poisoned by the water and due to the chromium 6 that was in the water that it caused my miscarriages and my female issues that i continue to have. >> we built our dream house here, moved in january 1995 and can't give it away. not worth a nickel. >> because of the water? >> because of the water. >> reporter: you can't see the plume because it is below
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ground but it started up the valley and has been moving down. almost 2.8 miles over the years. the edge of it now sits just where those farm houses are. >> reporter: conditions of the 1996 settlement ordered pg&e to drill hundreds of monitoring wells and take other measures to make sure the plume wasn't spreading. but this past summer chromium 6 was discovered outside the containment area. >> the water board has ordered pg&e to keep the plume within a set boundary and those areas are now outside that boundary. >> because of subsurface water movement, there are always some flight expansion and slight contraction. >> it is either growing west, west, north. they don't know. it is all a guessing game as far as i'm concerned. >> pg&e has purchased entire properties and has moved some families out. >> how many properties fit that category? >> we sent out a little over
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100 letters to property owners within the area indicating an interest in speaking with them about the potential purchase of their property. >> reporter: erin brockovich says that's not enough. >> pg&e. they are a pretty big company. they have got resources. they have money. they have technology. they really need get out here. i mean this is a plume that appears to be somewhat out of control that they haven't contained. >> pg&e has a lot of money. they have spent in excess of 12.5 million so far trying to clean up the ground problem there. it admits it also could cost four times that amount and take another 150 years before all of that chromium 6 under hinkley is gone. >> wow. all right. let's touch base with brian hackney. he has been busy checking our forecast. roberta is in hawaii. >> is she really? that's the source of all our troubles. the plum of moisture coming from highway. the low pressure spinning in
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the gulf of alaska. the big wheelhouse grabbing up the moisture from just north of highway. all the way out to the international date line and beyond. we will pull back and just show you where it is coming from. this is important too. extending out a little bit down here. time lapse goes on. back towards hawaii, north of the islands that tropical moisture will spell trouble this weekends in on again, off again fashion. in the last few hours we have picked up 2 inches of rain at the county park down there west of morgan hill and san francisco almost an inch. castro valley half an inch. here is what it looks like on the radar. the latest we have is showing the showers we had that really powered through today have now gone scattered. so you can see over the north bay scattered rain down on the south bay it is broken up. but from time to time we are going to be pulling in more rain. so that by the time that we recap it for you on sunday the totals are going to look like this. up in the north bay they will
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pick up as much as four inches of rain. 2 inches of rain in the east bay. and up to 5 inches of rain in the santa cruz mountains. you take it up top. the rain will be turning to snow. winter storm warnings are posted in the sierra above 6000 feet. so if you're headed to tahoe where by sunday they could pick up as much as 10 feet of snow, play jacob markley. carry chains. it will be important this weekend. temperatures in the mid-50s tomorrow in the bay area. per usual this time of year. it is unusual to see rain every day in the forecast. not just between now and wednesday but if we push this out to the extended period. it will be modified as we get to the mid and latter part of the week. never theless every day does look like it has varying amounts of moisture especially and the most concern being tuesday when it looks like we get a real push of moisture on top of what we have got. could lead to problems. if you're on the russian river
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basin. napa. >> have a good weekend, you guys. >> thanks, brian. before all we had was books. remember that? the new google tool now that shows us what we have been looking for. more than five million books at your finger tips. well now,,,,,,
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you can even hear it crackle. [ candle crackle ] [ male announcer ] the febreze home collection. featuring soy blend candles, wood diffusers and flameless luminaries. do. google has rolled out the world's bi of imagine having every word from more than 5 million books at your finger tips. now you do. >> google has rolled out the biggest database of works published over the last 500 years. john blackstone has the report. >> reporter: for centuries people have been searching for knowledge in books but never before in a way that google has now made possible. the search giant has digitally copied 5.2 million books published since 1500. from those they built a database of 500 billion words and made it available for all
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to search. the result a new google tool that provides instant insight into language, culture and trends over time. ♪[ music ] >> reporter: here is how it works. put in a word like teenager and discover that the term was almost unused until the 1950s. put in two words men and women an discover that while men dominated for centuries, they have been in sharp decline since the 1940s. while women have come on strong. put in saving and spending and discover that in literature as in life, spending shot up from the 1980s while savings went nowhere. >> and you can go onto the system and see these wax and wane. >> reporter: studying the cultural wisdom of words, this linguist said google is serving up a feast. >> it goes back to the 60s. you see the curve goes straight up and at the same time you can see things like pork and beans
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going down. >> reporter: it may not be news that groovy comes from 1972 but it has been making a steady comeback for more than a decade. history is reflected in war and peace. war has always been on top. getting understandably big bumps during the two world wars. but for all the information that google is processing this linguist reminds us it all begins on the printed page. >> this is a really great technology. it has lasted about 1500 years. and it will be around for another 1500 years. >> reporter: you can spend plenty of time with this. dogs have been way ahead of cats since the 1740s. john blackstone, cbs5 news, san francisco. the niners may be 5-9 but not as dysfunctional as ,,,,,,,,
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lightning fast. lightning strong. verizon 4g lte. rule the air on the most advanced 4g network in the world. game... centennial high school had sc points in palo alto high school is considered a huge underdog in tonight's state championship game. centennial high school had scored over 40 points in every game this season. but at the end of the first half it was the vikings putting points on the board. the son of steve bono airs it out. maurice williams comes back to get it and take it the rest of the way much not bad for a guy nicknamed slow mo. holding centennial to 13 points and palo alto hangs on for
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their first ever state title. it was like groundhog day in santa clara after the niners latest loss. mike singletary was noncommitment committal to names his quarterback. mike shanahan is benching six- time pro bowler donovan mcnabb in favor of rex grossman. shanahan told reporters that mcnabb may not return to the redskins next season. did you hear that? donovan mcnabb might be available. >> the raiders. >> thank you, dana. the raiders and broncos are blacked out locally but you can get all the highlights and reaction. it is time for your friday night top five. at number 5. spike lee telling lebron james he should have taken his talents to the big apple. king james rips the pass into chris bosh for the easy lay up. more from this one coming up.
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at number 4 yao ming will miss the rest of the season with a stress fracture in his ankle. he is saying positive. right now i'm drinking a beer and eating fried chicken. what were you expecting? a funeral? end quote. at number 3, our first blake griffin play of the year that doesn't involve a dunk. he does a 360 around tracy mcgrady for the layup. clippers beat the pistons number 2. not much to say here other than the guy on the left of your screen doesn't seem to know that you're supposed to jump over the hurdles and not run through them. you've got to love youtube. at least he tries to clear the last one at the finish line. and at number 1 back to the garden. lebron james somehow keeps his balance and throws it behind. silencing the fans with a second triple double of the
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season. 30th career triple double. >> wow. >> that's holding though. >> is there a rule against that? >> no. >> i think lebron james was telling spyk lee, hey, sit down, shorty. >> something li ♪electronic santa song ♪electronic santa song music makes a great gift. i like rock, hip-hop, country... and you are telling me this, why? i...uh...thought you might be my secret santa? no. i'm giving for skunk. uh, i can hear you. no. not you. the other skunk. [ female announcer ] safeway is the place to stock up on itunes gift cards.
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